Locations and Countries

The World of Miraton consists of 4 primary continents as well as several smaller ones. The main continents are:

  • Rasitian – the largest continent, Rasitian is home to the Arctus Infernum, Al Kadim and the Magna Mortia, The Steellands, the Nentir Vale, Arkoshia, and Bael Turath
  • Galea – home to the Avervale (Averheim), Remula, the Southron Realms, the Frost Jungles, and the Exile Realm of the Stag-Lord.
  • Sihil – the original home of the elves, it is now ruled by the tyrannical Eladrin and their Fey-King. A small Dwarven nation is also on the continent.
  • The Great Frost Wastes – the southern continent and pole. Home to the a few settlements of gnomes and various explorer’s.

Other important locations.

  • Khazdirdrin – the small continent that is the center of the Confederacy of Dwarven Nations
  • The Lotus Empire – a secretive and isolated nation located on to the west of Rasitian.
  • Minos Tauro/Cydon – home of the two Minotaur peoples.
  • The Mer-realms – a sprawling underwater kingdom in a constant state of battle with the deadly sauhagin and vile Shark-men.
  • Loa’nuka’toatikitaka – the Living Isle. Former home of the Toaloanuku and lizardfolk/Bullywug tribes.
  • The Ursmaw – a gaping hole in the earth leading to the Underdark.
  • Gloomwrought – one of the few bastions of civilization in the Shadowfell.

Important cultural elements -

  • Days, Months and Years

Locations and Countries

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