Miraton is a homebrew D&D campaign world designed with Fourth Edition’s Points of Light philosophy in mind. It is a fantastic world wracked by strife, where the players take prominent roles on the global stage via the Guiding Hand Coalition, a secretive organization that transcends national borders. Will they guide to world to a new age of peace, or bring its ruin? Dark and evil forces gather to ensure they fail.

This campaign wiki will be used to track all of the important NPC and plot developments, as well as provide interesting back-story for player characters. The Wiki will be divided into the following categories:

  • World and Culture – Describing the important places and peoples of the World of Miraton, along with a brief overview of their histories.
  • Characters and Organizations – Describing the movers and shakers and the groups they belong to.
  • Events – Describing the important plot and historical events that shaped the world.

Miraton - Beneath the Slumbering Sands

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